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X4 Labs

Last Update: October 4, 2017

Hi, my name is John Bates and this is my unbiased and honest review about the X4 Labs penis extenders. Although I was happy with my main physical attributes, there was a certain body part that I always had insecurity issues. Yes, I’m talking about my small penis.

They say that if your penis is over 3 inches long, it is more than enough to satisfy your sexual partner. Ha ha, what a bullshit crap. Believe me. There’s not enough words in the vocabulary to describe  a girl’s disappointment, and the look on her face, once she encounters with my little, penis.

Every woman has expectations in a man, and having at least an average sized penis and suitable erections are two of the most important things for a promising relationship. I wanted this to change!

I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on doctors’ appointments, lab tests, weird pills, eBooks, and holistic treatments before I ever saw any progress.

Thankfully, my last find finally did the trick. But not without having a serious impact on my bank account.

What is X4 Labs Penis Extender?

Doctors at X4Labs did a great job I must say. First of all, their penis extenders really have the best quality in the market. I can surely say that because like I said, I’ve tried all of the top penis extenders out there. None of them had the quality and durability that x4 labs extender has.

Still reading this x4 labs review? That’s a good sign!

Here is what it looks like:

x4 labs review

The X4 labs penis extender is a high quality set and forget gadget you put on your penis and let it does its job while you sleep, watch tv, play games or walk around. It took me a few days to get used to it but now it barely bothers me to do what I want to do.

Why X4 Labs is Better than any other Penis Extender?


  1. Comfort.
  2. Comfort.
  3. Comfort.

Better comfort means
easier and faster results.

What else can you ask for?

X4 Labs Penis Extender is designed to Enlarge Your Penis Fast and Easy.

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X4 Labs will not only increase your penis size but will improve your erections as well.
Safe & Healthy.

The significant difference between X4 Labs™ and other brands covered in x4 labs reviews are:

1) x4 labs penis stretcher has a highly effective hybrid technology. It lets you to choose either classic silicone tubes or the new comfort strap technology for your penis. I definitely recommend to choose the InfiniteFit QUAD support because the difference comfort-wise, is huge.

2) X4 Labs has the best durability and comfort level that I have experienced. This is especially very important because, it allows you to walk around with it and do your daily routine without hitches.

3) I felt very confident right of the bat once I learn that it is actually a doctor and FDA approved product.

4) The other brands I tried before lacked of supporting QUAD comfort technology, therefore it was very annoying to use them during the daily routine.

Why Is the InfiniteFit QUAD Support So Important?

InfiniteFit-QUADX4 Labs extender is the only product in the market that offers the InfiniteFit QUAD support technology.

The benefit was, that i was able to wear it easy for extended periods of time so I achieved the desired results much faster than I thought.

I can’t stress it more!

Comfort and blood circulation is very important for the penis extender to work efficiently. The experience will vary from a person to another, for each method of support. I felt much more comfortable with the strap, but you may feel more comfortable with the tube.

x4-labs-for-better-sexual-satisfactionDepending on how many hours you wear the device, the noose provides quick and easy attachment while the 1 inch wide comfort strap is ideal for longer usage sets.

The more you wear a penis stretcher, the bigger penis you are reward with!

Therefore, X4 Labs Hybrid technology allows you to choose whichever method suits you best.

Why does some say penis extenders don’t work?
Because they use a crap one!

Comfort is very very important, if you want to see real results in a shorter amount of time. The longer you wear the x4 extender, the faster results you get. Period.


What Kind Of Packages Does X4 Labs Have?

X4 Labs penis stretcher comes in different sizes and price ranges which fits almost every budget.

The most popular packages are the cheap penis extender (free shipping) and the Ultra Edition.

The package I bought was the Ultra package. The regular price was high but at the time of writing my x4 labs reviews I noticed they had a special 75% OFF promo going on so you can get it cheaper instead.

But if you want to test the water first or if you are tight on budget, you could go with the Deluxe package and get it for less if you order before the promo runs out. It is totally up to you.

There are a large number of options available when purchasing your X4 Labs stretcher. Below in this x4 labs review I’ve highlighted some of the most important ones.

Package Gold Luxury Ultra Extreme Premium Deluxe
What do you get Luxury Best Seller Improve Erections Great Value Cheap
Tension Springs 3600 3600 3300 3300 3000
3in1 Hybrid Support
InfiniteFit Support NO NO NO
Wider Girth Base NO NO NO
Mini Support NO NO NO
Warranty 5 Year Lifetime 5 Year 5 Year 1 Year
Guarantee 1 Year Double Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
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It is obvious, from the comparison table above, why I chose the X4 Labs Ultra Edition as the best one.

The Extreme penis extender is almost as good as the Ultra and you get 3 months of Sinrex male enhancement supplements to boost up your sexual performance and erection hardness.

I chose the Ultra Edition because I don’t have erection problems and I was aimed at maximum increase in my penis size as quick as possible. You can always order supplements when you think you need them and according to my research these supplements won’t speed up the penis growth process.

Let me explain the 3 features only X4 Labs offers:

  • InfiniteFit Support – These packages are for people who want FAST penis enlargement that don’t prevent their daily routine. They are specifically designed to be worn comfortably under trousers, therefore making the process smooth and painless.

  • Mini support

    This package is for people who have smaller than average penis (less than 3 inches) or micro penis. X4 Labs is the only company that offers this technology.

  • Wide Girth Base – If your penis is thicker than average but lack in length, then this is the package for you. The wider base is designed to support thicker penises.

I bought and use the X4 Labs Ultra Edition. It was $239.95 with 75% OFF and I got everything I needed to get a bigger penis. My great x4 labs before and after results inspired me to write this honest review from first hand experience.

Besides the 5 packages listed above designed with penis enlargement in mind X4 Labs offers:

  • 3 Peyronies packages – These packages are for people who are having bent penis problems. They are specifically designed to straighten out the curve in the penis while enlarging it at the same time. The Vitamin E boost will help loosen up the penis tissue, therefore making the process smooth and painless.


Why Do I Like X4 Labs Penis Extenders?

1)      They have different packages for all kinds of problems and preferences.
2)      The price range is suitable for almost every budget. Starter pack is CHEAP.
3)      Mini option available for guys who have very small penises.
4)      Reasonably priced with 6 months satisfaction guarantee.
5)      Discreet worldwide across the globe.
6)      InfiniteFit Technology to gain more penis size much faster.

What I Don’t Not Like

1)      Starter pack doesn’t have the regular 5 year warranty.
2)      Postage is not free but there is an additional 5% off promo code this week.
3)      It’s hard to stop using it, once you start seeing noticeable before and after results.

How Do You Use X4 Labs to Enlarge Your Penis Size Quickly?

Before you start, you might want to know a few things I’ve learned through personal experience and experimentation with x4 extender:

  • The extender works better if you have some blood flowing. Before strapping it on, rub your penis for a few seconds and get it semi-hard. Point your penis downwards once it is in the extender and wait fifteen minutes or so. The tension needs to be there, but make sure it doesn’t hurt.

  • When you are new to penis extenders, go light the first few days. Don’t wear it for more than 60 minutes or so. As the days go on, you can wear it for longer, gradually adding more time. If it is too uncomfortable and you can’t last at least two hours per day with it on, then you need to adjust the tension because you might be straining it. You may be eager to add tension, but at first it’s more important to add time.

  • Should you feel any pain during the session or up to an hour afterwards, then again, you should lower the tension. Give your penis a good massage before you put the extender on again. Too much tension could make blisters, and those suck, as you can imagine. They take forever to heal and they can interrupt not only your extender sessions, but your sex life. Trust me, I know. It’s not fun, so make sure not to wear the extender too tightly or for too long at first.

  • Think of this as a marathon more than a sprint. There is no rush. Once you have “done your time” that day, then you are done. Just like your muscles when you work out, your penis needs time to rest. Try to go for longer and longer stretches of time without interruption, but once the sessions are done, don’t do them again until the next day. This is what worked for me, anyway—and I’ve also learned from reading about other people’s mistakes.

  • Remember the most important rule. I can’t stress it enough: Your extender must be comfortable. The only way you’re going to be able to keep it on your dick for long enough is if it is comfortable. Pain is not good. Pain makes you want to quit.

  • Keep it slow and steady. Increase the time that you spend wearing it gradually, but only increase the tension VERY slowly. Add pressure maybe every 4 to 6 weeks and that’s it. In my experience, trying to stretch skin too fast is not a good idea.

  • Don’t go overboard. Spending 6 hours a day wearing your extender is quite enough. Take it easy some days and do even less, like 3 or 4 hours. This variation helped me.


Well, that’s it for now. I hope my x4 labs review was helpful enough to have an informed decision. The most I liked about x4 labs was, their variety of options to choose from.

Because we all are different, therefore we have different needs and expectations.

X4 labs does a great job by making the best penis stretchers on the market and with reasonable prices it can be purchased even by people on a budget.

So, doesn’t matter how much your budget is, it won’t take long for you to have a bigger penis and great sex life, once you start using x4 labs penis extender, like I did.

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And Don’t Forget that Small Penis Sucks

small penis

Every woman has expectations in a man, and having at least an average sized penis is one of the most important qualifiers for a promising relationship. Even a subtle smile from your partner, like the picture above is more than enough reason to destroy your sexual confidence. And this happened to me more than once.

Let me ask you this:
Which woman would want a guy as a fuck buddy who carries around a peanut, as a penis?

Why X4 Labs?

To solve my small penis problem, I went online and made an extensive research about all penis extenders. I tried a few brands but there were problems associated with them:

First of all they were very uncomfortable. Second, one penis stretcher broke down just 3 days after I started using it! And third, their starting sizes were relatively big for my penis.

After 6 months of frustration, wasting my time and blowing $600, I decided to try x4 labs, because they had 3 options that i could choose from and looked like a product that had decent quality. And so far, I am very happy with my penis growth so far.

Does X4 Labs Really Work?

It Changed My Life for Good!

I gained 27% in length and 12% in girth by using x4 labs penis extender continuously for 3 months.

The x4 labs results were mind blowing for me and I wasn’t expecting to get a bigger penis that fast, to be honest with you.

My X4 Labs Results – Before and After

Here is the before and after pictures of my penis that inspired me to write this x4 labs review for you. You can easily tell the gain in both length and girth after using x4 labs penis extender.

x4 labs before and after results

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P.S: Please feel free to write your experiences, X4 Labs testimonials and comments below. Best wishes,

John Bates