Do Penis Pumps Work?

In short, yes they work (sometimes) LOL.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most commonly asked questions. I am saying unfortunately because, there are a lot of people who got hurt or injured because of this so-called penis pumps.

So let’s get to the facts and explain why penis pumps won’t work for you.

Penis pumps are mainly recommended by ‘doctors’ on fake websites.

These fake websites demonstrate these penis pumps as a solution to a small penis problem. The fact is, the penis pump actually will increase the penis size temporarily.

Unfortunately, these fake websites and so-called ‘doctors’ make it seem like the effects are permanent. This is so far fetched from the truth.

Why Penis Pumps Do NOT Work?

Penis pumps covers the penis and sucks air out of the tube thus creating pressure. This causes a blood rush to the penis and leads to an erection. The ring that comes with the tube is placed at the bottom of your shaft so that it can hold the blood.

This temporary method causes an increase in penis size for about an hour or so.

After that, your penis will shrink back to its normal size.

Penis Pumps Could Be Dangerous!

The common side effects of penis pumps are swelling and bruising.

Besides of these, it can lead to permanent defections and/or impotence. So if you want to use penis pumps, you have to take these risks into consideration. These pumps don’t have permanent effects, only temporary and they can cause serious health issues. You have to be very careful and think twice before using a penis pump.

The Alternative?

Instead of using a penis pump, you should either do penis stretching exercises especially if you are low on funds, or go ahead and try a penis extender to get the maximum effects and benefits for a bigger and a thicker penis in a healthy way.

This is the most rational and safest way of having a bigger penis.

The difference between a penis pump and the penis extender is, penis extenders stretches both the tissue and the penis shaft. They have tension bars between a curved base and it fits comfortably at the base of the penis. Also it comes with a silicone tube of comfort strap that fits just below the head of the penis.

The easy and fun thing about the X4 Labs penis extender is, they are very practical and can be used with minimum effort.

It can be worn comfortably and one should never have to sacrifice from his daily routine.

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind and be careful about it is, getting a quality well known penis extender brand.You should never gamble with your penis health just to save some money.

Always buy an extender that has a safety stamp.You can get your money back but it may not be possible to get your old penis back once it is damaged permanently.

Penis pumps don’t work and it is just a myth created to take advantage of the gullible people.

So please play safe and stay away from cheap products that offer the whole world for the price of two meals at Burger King.