Does Size Really Matter?

There’s a common myth in our society that size matters.

On the contrary, some women actually claim that thickness matters much more than size. While we cannot know for sure, we can certainly take a note of that.

Actually it may make a lot of sense when you think about it.

Having a thicker penis will occupy more space inside the vagina and this will increase the stimulation, as well as the sense of fulfillness.

In fact, more than 80% of porn stars claim that size really matters.

When you take their sexual experiences into the account, it is hard to disagree and say that this is far fetched from the truth.

Because the experienced porn stars perform more than 300 scenes a year and they enjoy almost every movie they participate in.

During an interview, I watched one of the porn stars describing how a thick and long penis feels. She was saying that a penis big in size and girth, makes her feel more fulfilled and reached stronger orgasms than a small penis.

While the thickness was touching every inch of her vagina and stimulating the most sensitive spots, the length was giving her the feeling of becoming one.

Also she added that, a long and thick penis was leading to harder strokes therefore increasing the overall sexual experience and satisfaction.

So I can never be with a guy whose size is smaller than 7 inches she said.

Many surveys that are done by weekly magazines reveal that, most women agree on that size does matter and a big penis increases the sexual appetite just like the way we feel when we see or touch big breasts. According to those surveys, women always crave for big penises and when they find out that their new boyfriends have a smaller penis then their ex-boyfriends, they understand the value of what they had before.

It is really harsh to know that when your penis is smaller then the guy before you, your girl friend remembers and yearns the sex she had with her ex boy friend. This is especially touchy when she thinks about this during having sex with you. She never tells you this or lets you find out, but it is always there.

Because size matters to her and you cannot perform well enough as him, especially when the difference is huge.

Another proof about why size matters is, the look on their faces when they first interact with your penis. The first glance actually gives it all away.

When you have a bigger penis, you can easily tell the happiness and excitement on their faces. They hold and grab it in a different way and they are always more passionate during the oral sex. This all proves that size really matters because eyes don’t lie.

However, we don’t have to live with our small sized penises and we can take the necessary action to over come this big problem in our lives.

Does size matter? Yes.

But women should know that we will do anything possible to  improve our penises so that they can have thrilling ride all day every day 🙂